New Logo

Good day my future designer. How are you?
I need your help for a new professional logo for my
electrical engineering and software development
My website is very outdated. However, it does a good
job of showing what I work:
I have since evolved a lot and will be creating a
completely new site with a new name, logo and brand.
For our first collaboration it should be only about the
logo. Maybe afterwards you will be interested to
consult me in the long term in terms of design.
The service I offer is:
Special developments for automation technology and
robotics with electronics and software development.
My new name will be:
In german my field will be called Elektrotechnik. I have
replaced "ik" with "o". With this I want to stand out. By
the way: I love the music genre Electro and Techno and
was once a successful DJ. On my new website I will
present professional developments with electronic
music in the background. The style of the website will
be based on the theme "Techno".
"The world needs more Technology!"
"Hyper Hyper"
"Precision is my decision"
"How much is the fish"
"Wich light switch is which"
My new brand should be:
eye-catching, recognizable, professional, outstanding,
unique, special, technical, rational, high quality.
But now to the logo in question.
I already had a design idea and have once recorded this
with Microsoft Word
Translated with (free
version) - NewLogoAndName - NewLogoAndName - NewLogoAndName